I’m Late! (16th-18th Release)

Hi there people- It’s been such an extremely annoying week having my social life cut off due to the loss of internet. But no need to fear, I am back with internet and will have these 3 chapters released today or night.
Enjoy these 3 chapters!

Volume 2 Chapter 4 of Sanzokuou

chapter 16 of kingdom

The first chapter of pen saki ni syrup


It’s Monday, Where are My Chapters?! (14th-15th Release)

Hi folks, well um ah- I was watching Miss U.S.A last night so I forgot to upload these 2 chapters.  Well, Miss Rhode Island was really stunning- her eyes were so kind and her smile was so cute, I was simply captivated.  She deserved the winand I wish her all the best this upcoming winter in Miss Universe.
Back to the delayed chapters-
here’s SAY SAY SAY ch3

and…Wedding Theme ch3

Triple the Awesome (11th-13th Release)

Hello everyone,
Today, we have 3 chapters to present you. Also, I would like to apologize for our late releases this week, I guess this is what you call procrastination.  But most likely, our group has been a little unmotivated lately so if you could come and join us at the forum to motivate us, that would be wonderful.
Well anyways…
Chapter 3 of Sanzokuou
Chapter 3 of A Love Guard
Chapter 3 of Die or Like Me

Happy Sunday everyone~

Another New Project on the Horizon?! (10th Release)

Sup! Today we have chapter 2 of Say Say Say release- it’s another one of our new pick up project btw. Hmm…I’ve had a lot of frightening experiences today- the amusement park rides are fricken scary but I loved the Merry Go Round the most 

Yes, it’s a kiddy ride but the feeling aint as disturbing as the Cheetah Hunt- a ride that runs across the amusement park and it’s as fast as he**.
No kidding.
I apologize for the ranting.
Here’s chapter 2 of Say Say Say- enjoy!

Great Job! (6th Release)

Hey Demigod Family,
Your all doing a magnificent job. Today we have released Sanzokuou Chapter 2. It`s thanks to everybody doing their part that we have gotten this far!  We have made tremendous progress and i`m proud to say that. Let`s keep our heads up and working hard! furious Superman got nothing on this family!  Keep up the great and hard work and give it 150% as always!